Reazione Identitaria is a Cultural and Social Promotion Association

The Association was conceived from the desire to sustain policy through effective action.
We want a different Italy and we want to achieve it with real and practical actions in Italy and abroad.


Reazione Identitaria is involved in 3 important themes:

Cultural Identity

By cultural activities, we mean all those initiatives that promote a strong identity culture linked to our regions and the promotion of local autonomies. We will organise informative activities through conferences, festivals and book presentations on specific themes of local, national and international relevance.

The protection of Christian minorities in the world

The treatment of Christian minorities in the world is, in some geographic areas, one of hate and violence, if not real persecution. The role of policy is to carry this drama within public debate in a decisive manner.
The Association’s specific target is to raise funds to finance projects that will relieve the sufferings of our Christian brothers who are persecuted in the Middle East and Africa.

Help Italian families in need

We know how much the Catholic Church, and may Catholic associations, work to relieve the difficulties that many of our countrymen experience due to the economic crisis in recent years. And we also know full well, what Central Government is not doing to help Italian families. The Association proposes to give tangible aid to these families through raising funds or providing essential supplies.